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Use case
Go Global with PolicyTech Enterprise

About this Use case

Centralize and modernize your global policy management program while giving your employees access to the policies and procedures in their preferred language.

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    Ensuring policies and procedures are available in employees’ preferred languages
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    PolicyTech® Policy & Procedure Management
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    Go Global with PolicyTech Enterprise

    Centralize and modernize your global policy management program while giving your employees access to the policies and procedures in their preferred language

    The Challenge: The Solution:
    When business operations are spread out around the world, the management of policies and procedures becomes all the more crucial and complex. Different regions require that policies abide by local regulatory requirements as well as meet language and cultural preferences. Without a clear process for review and approval, policies are drafted in silos and version control suffers. Regulations go unfollowed as policy updates fall through the cracks. And the corporate culture suffers as employees, especially those in remote offices, are unable to access or rely on the relevance of corporate policies. Centralize and modernize your process with PolicyTech®, an automated solution designed for your global organization. Automate alerts, track version control, and send out child documents in languages specific to your workforce. Older versions are archived, and every employee has access to the information they need, in the language they can understand. Child documents roll up into a parent document for consistent attestation tracking and reporting.

    Automating Policy Management for a Global Enterprise

    • Create a parent policy using your pre-set template and automatically route it through contributors, reviewers and approvers. Link child documents as needed.
    • Distribute documents to locations and employees based on their needs. Employees read and attest to documents in their language.
    • Child documents roll up into the parent copy for reporting and attestation tracking. Automatic version control ensures that everyone sees the most updated version of policies and procedures every time.


    • Global Accessibility & Attestation: One central repository for your global workforce provides efficiency and accuracy. The Enterprise version of PolicyTech comes with all 14 standard languages, allowing your employees to access the system in the language of their preference. Roll out policies and procedures to all employees across your entire organization. All attestation is tracked and recorded for a full historical and auditable record.
    • Automatic Version Control: Easily update multiple versions of your essential policies, like the code of conduct. Policy owners in different countries, sites or languages are automatically alerted of an update to a parent policy, and can then revise their child policies as necessary. Once the revised policy is approved, it is published and previous versions are automatically archived.
    • Customized Site Control: If your organization operates under different names in different regions, PolicyTech allows custom styling and versions of child documents tailored specifically to each location. Automatic version control still applies when updating the parent document.

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