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Use case
Prevent & Eliminate Workplace Harassment

About this Use case

Train your workforce on the nuances of harassment with NAVEXEngage® and investigate and resolve misconduct with EthicsPoint® Incident Management.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Designing comprehensive training and communication programs to prevent harassment
  2. What you'll learn:
    • How NAVEXEngage® and EthicsPoint® work together to inform your employee base about proper conduct
    • The benefits of a well-informed speak-up culture
    • Pairing NAVEXEngage® and EthicsPoint has multiple benefits such as up-to-date and engaging content for employees, provides legal coverage for your business, and simplifies investigation and resolution of conduct
  3. Page length:
    2 pages
  4. Solutions:
    NAVEXEngage Online Compliance Training
    EthicsPoint Incident Management
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