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Use case
Capture More of Your Employees’ Concerns

About this Use case

Gather more insights from hotline reports to open-door conversations.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Incident management and hotline intake, capturing incident reports
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    EthicsPoint® Incident Management
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    Capture More of Your Employees’ Concerns

    Gather more insights from hotline reports to open-door conversations.

    The Challenge: The Solution:
    Workplace misconduct can never be eliminated entirely, but when it’s visible, it can be addressed. Providing a hotline or web intake site to your employees gives them a safe place to report their concerns, but studies show that over 80 percent of ethics and compliance incidents are reported directly to managers1. While this speaks to a level of trust in leadership, these open-door reports create their own set of risks. They are typically handled at a specific location or, even worse, on an individual level. Without visibility into reported concerns across the whole of the organization, the leadership’s understanding of its risk is incomplete. EthicsPoint® is a centralized incident management database that can track all of your reports regardless of intake method. From hotline calls to web-based forms to report forms for capturing open-door conversations, you can have a more complete picture of the misconduct within your organization. It also allows your organization to build and utilize a more decisive and consistent investigative process for each report regardless of its origin. This empowers managers and organizations to build and maintain their open-door culture, gain a more holistic picture of their organization’s risks and make more informed decisions.

    Process: Incident Management for the Whole Organization

    • Collect all reports of misconduct, whether it’s from a hotline, web intake site or an open-door report form.
    • Manage all incidents in a centralized database and investigating each report through standard operating processes.
    • Learn about risks and potential problem areas through robust analytics and ad hoc reports. Identify any problem areas to address before they grow or spread.
    • Act based on the information you gather from your incident management system: enhance your code of conduct, direct your training and refine your policies.


    • Know Your Risk: The first step to addressing risk is knowing when it’s happening. Providing your employees and management team with multiple forms of intake, including open-door report forms, gives you more insights into the issues identified by your employee base.
    • Even More Accessible: TWhether reporting through a web intake site or calling the phone line, your employees can report concerns 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With multilingual communication specialists and report forms to capture open-door conversations, EthicsPoint makes it easy for employees to tell you about their concerns.
    • Single Source of Truth: Ensure consistent processes for all reported incidents, whether received through a phone line, web intake form, or face-to-face meeting with a manager. Rule-based routing for all incoming reports and systemized processes will ensure standard operating procedures – from intake to investigation to case closure. Audit-ready analytics will provide quick insights into your entire program’s risks.

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