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Definitive Guide

Definitive Guide to Policy and Procedure Management

Optimize your organization’s policy management program

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About this Definitive Guide

Learn how to effectively and efficiently optimize policy and procedure management. This guide gives organizations of all sizes insight on how to manage their organization’s employee handbook, code of conduct, procedures and other important documents with real-world examples, helpful tips, and research.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Distributing policies, policy management, document control, document versioning
  2. Download this guide to learn:
    • Best Practices on How to Plan, Implement, and Measure your program
    • Policy Formatting and Writing
    • 20 Questions for Prioritizing Policy Development Efforts
    • Pros & Cons of Various Distribution Methods
    • Assessment Questions to Evaluate Your Current Document Management Strategy
    • Build versus Buy Considerations
  3. Page length:
    34 pages