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Workplace Harassment Course Overview


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Workplace Harassment Course Overview

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Ensure employees have the information they need about workplace harassment to make ethical choices. Learn more about our Workplace Harassment Course here.

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    Ethics and compliance training program creation or management
  2. What you'll learn:
    • Course details, design and content of our Workplace Harassment online compliance training course

Let one of our training experts help you put together a Workplace Harassment training curriculum.

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Online Training: Harassment Prevention for the Modern Workplace

Your workplace culture is critical to your organization’s success. No matter how you express it, there are core beliefs and behaviors that define the character of your organization. A culture of ethics, integrity, civility and respect draws talent, partners, customers, suppliers and high-quality employees and executives.

Yet, it can be challenging to imbed your core values in a rapidly changing workplace, influenced by broad cultural trends inside and outside of the organization. These days, many organizations are reevaluating how they define, train on, actively prevent, react to, and penalize harassment in the workplace.

How do you actively address and take on harassment in the workplace and ensure that your learners are relating to and learning from real-life situations, challenges and evolving behavioral expectations?

Workplace Harassment, 9th Edition

NAVEX’s 9th edition Workplace Harassment course (WPH9) is the industry-leading training solution on harassment for employees and managers alike. All-new in 2021 and aligned to current legislation, WPH9 takes on harassment with timely, accurate and engaging content designed to educate learners and reinforce developing behavioral expectations. With content vetted by Baker McKenzie, a leading global employment law firm, and endorsed by the ACC and SHRM, our content is ideal for organizations seeking to take an assertive stand against harassment in the workplace.

Workplace Harassment reflects your modern workplace challenges and teaches your learners about the specifics of the law and places expectations within the context and intent of those laws. Our course helps learners spot, respond to, report and prevent harassment of all types. Included in this course are several separate modules that cover core topics, such as abusive conduct, bullying, gender identity and expression, discrimination, inter-office romances and the persistent challenge of sexual harassment.

With multiple versions of WPH9 available, this training enables your organization to train its learners with the knowledge and tools necessary to cultivate and protect your culture of ethics and respect. For managers and supervisors, manager-specific versions include additional information that covers their unique responsibilities in preventing and responding to harassment, including handling complaints and managing responses. Specific course versions are available to help employers meet anti- harassment training requirements in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine and New York. With the new Law Where You Work mini-course, specific users in these states can be trained on specific legal definitions that apply to their state, without burdening every learner at the organization with a longer training course.

Available versions of Workplace Harassment, 9th Edition:

  • 35-minute Employee Fundamentals addresses key anti-harassment topics that every employee should understand, from their role in harassment prevention to how to appropriately identify and respond to harassment situations.
  • 40-minute Employee Fundamentals - Illinois Restaurant & Bar extends those core learnings to include workplace relationships and additional information that aligns to training specifications for employees of restaurants and bars in the state of Illinois.
  • 55-minute Employee Complete is designed to align to California’s employee training requirements as defined in its AB 1825, AB 2053 and SB 1343 legislation and includes state-specific information. Employee Complete addresses gender identity, abusive conduct, diversity and other topics beyond Employee Fundamentals and Employee Plus. Employee Complete can be used to train employees in all states.
  • 115-minute Employee Complete designed to align to Connecticut’s employee training requirements. This course provides in-depth coverage of the essentials for understanding, preventing and responding to harassment and includes state-specific information for learners in Connecticut. This version includes all content in the Employee Complete course and has been enhanced with additional content to meet the twohour employee training requirement.
  • 55-minute Manager Fundamentals is designed to align to sexual harassment training requirements in Delaware, New York and Maine and includes state-specific information. It adapts core lessons to the specific roles and responsibilities of managers, and addresses how to manage and respond to harassment complaints, as well as leading and maintaining a culture of respect and prevention.
  • 55-minute Manager Fundamentals - Illinois Restaurant & Bar extends those core learnings to include workplace relationships and addition information that aligns to training specifications for employees of restaurants and bars in the state of Illinois.
  • 115-minute Manager Complete is designed to align to California’s supervisor training requirements as defined in its AB 1825,AB 2053 and SB 1343 legislation and includes state-specific information. It includes modules on topics such as harassment fundamentals, harassment prevention, discrimination and national origin, workplace dating, abusive conduct, gender identity and expression, how to manage and respond to complaints, and retaliation. Manager Complete also aligns to Connecticut’s training requirements for supervisors and can be used to train managers in Delaware, New York and Maine.
  • 10-minute Law Where You Work mini-course is included with the Workplace Harassment 9 subscription. It’s a brief, 5–10 minute (depending on the state) course containing legal definitions and other required state law content for learners in: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York and New York City. Learners in these states are trained using the WPH9 base course and this mini-course. This approach is part of the redesigned and improved structure and functionality of WPH9, helping to solve for some of the most common employer challenges, including complying with multiple state training obligations and ensuring that employees and managers who transfer work locations can be easily trained on new requirements.

Trusted Experts, Deep Expertise

NAVEX’s Workplace Harassment courses are built by experts in the fields of law, compliance, and content development. Our courses are vetted by top-notch outside legal experts and are endorsed by both the ACC and SHRM, the world’s largest professional organization for HR professionals. Our commitment to excellence allows you to educate your workforce on key topics while optimizing your training time.

Topical & Engaging

Every two years, we rebuild our Workplace Harassment courses from the ground up. This allows us to deliver all new content that is accurate, timely and tackles topics that are top of mind for today’s learners. And with extensive interactive exercises and high-quality user experiences, your learners will be engaged from the beginning to end.

Globally Relevant

As our workplaces continue to diversify and new technologies bridge communications gaps between formerly distant employees, knowing where cultural boundaries, behavioral standards and best practices lie can be challenging. Our workplace harassment course is available in any language you require, and conveys these global standards through relevant storytelling, characters and scenes that are identifiable anywhere in the world.

Content that Inspires Ethical Behavior

Our course features innovative designs that include interactive quizzes, video and animation. Positioned within real-life scenarios, interactive content is included throughout the course and in every module.

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