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Case study
YMCA of Delaware Puts its Principles to Practice with EthicsPoint®

About this Case study

Using anonymous dialogue increased YMCA of Delaware’s efficiency in responding to employee ethics concerns. Learn how this supported the YMCA community.

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    YMCA of Delaware Puts its Principles to Practice with NAVEX

    The mission to serve its community is central to the YMCA of Delaware - that means efficient, productive operations and a commitment to responsibility and safety.

    The YMCA proactively decided to implement a formal ethics and compliance program to complement the organization’s code of conduct and policies. NAVEX was selected to support the YMCA’s efforts with an anonymous hotline reporting and case management system.

    “In an environment of growing concern around governance and transparency, NAVEX’s system provides comfort to our board, vendors, funders and granting agencies. We are demonstrating a proactive approach to satisfying stakeholders’ concerns.”

    - Michael Graves, President

    Open communication, transparency, ethical conduct and a commitment to safety top the YMCA of Delaware’s list of values, says President Michael Graves. Though not required by law, the organization’s proactive decision to implement an anonymous reporting mechanism fit with the organization’s culture.

    “This kind of system keeps the Y’s values and commitments upfront and shares accountability with all stakeholders,” explained Graves.

    Any serious concern that may arise will be reported, says Graves, and that helps build a great deal of trust among Y community members. he believes that open communication is necessary to maintain a safety-oriented community culture.

    Adopting an anonymous reporting tool as a best practice, the YMCA of Delaware selected NAVEX for a solution that fit the Y’s commitments and needs.

    The Ideal Solution: NAVEX Hotline and Case Management Software

    In working with the implementation services team, the Y heeded their advice made sure employees understood the importance of the NAVEX system for internal stakeholders as well as for external audiences, including vendors, funders and granting agencies.

    “NAVEX helps us reassure stakeholders that they can remain anonymous and make reports or inquiries in confidence,” said Graves. Best of all, the system allows an anonymous feedback loop that Graves finds extremely useful. For example, with more than 80 percent of reports, the Y posts a follow-up question within the NAVEX system. The person who filed the report is able to use a special key and password to revisit the case and respond to the question. Graves says the reporter has responded by providing more details in every case but one. That capacity for anonymous dialogue has increased the Y’s efficiency in responding to and resolving concerns. It has also helped boost confidence and satisfaction in the YMCA community. As Michael points out, “the ability to follow up and clarify on reports has helped in the timely and efficient resolution of issues.”

    “This kind of system keeps the Y’s values and commitments upfront and shares accountability with all stakeholders,” explained Graves.

    Results in the Community

    The YMCA of Delaware always strives to serve its community in the best, most consistent way possible. NAVEX has produced results in important areas, including increased trust.

    “NAVEX has helped us build confidence within our community that their concerns are dealt with quickly and appropriately,” finished Graves.

    Graves notes the following results:

    • Improved stakeholder confidence and satisfaction;
    • Greater oversight and transparency; and
    • Increased efficiency and consistency.

    About NAVEX

    NAVEX’s GRC software and compliance management solutions support the integrated risk, ESG and compliance management programs at more than 13,000 organizations worldwide.

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