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Image for NAVEX One Empowers MicroPort® CRM Customer Story
Case study
NAVEX One Empowers MicroPort® CRM

About this Case study

“If all our providers worked with us like NAVEX did, our lives would be much easier. Any company needs were promptly attended to, and we were provided with various options customized to suit our requirements.”

- Elisa Antonietta Blardone, Compliance Director

  1. Industry:
    Healthcare - Products
  2. Number of employees:
  3. Challenge:
    A solution that can streamline and manage whistleblowing processes.
  4. Outcome:
    An easy-to-access whistleblowing and reporting system that provides “full picture” stats and risk trends and enables Microport to meet regulatory requirements as a well-connected global team.
  5. NAVEX One®:
    Whistleblowing & Incident Management
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