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Case study
Major Telecom Company Accomplishes Security Compliance in 18 Months

About this Case study

How did a major telecommunications company achieve its security compliance program in just 18 months? In Lockpath they found the perfect solution and partner for building a program and managing compliance, risk and security.

  1. Industry:
    Major Telecom Company
  2. Challenge:
    Design and implement an integrated GRC program in 18 months
  3. Solution:
    Lockpath, NAVEX’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Platform
  4. Results:
    Implement 7 programs in 18 months, saved 200+ hours per department, reduced audit findings costs by 80%
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    Challenge: Aggressive Board Mandate Triggers Lofty Company Goal

    Companies are often cautioned against rolling out new large-scale programs all at the same time. Pushback from the status quo, steep learning curves, and lack of adoption have killed many programs with grand visions.

    When an Alaska-based telecom was given a mandate by its board to create a broad-reaching governance, risk and compliance (GRC) program managing everything from audit and compliance to third-party risk and business continuity – success was not assured.

    The telecom provider faced a number of challenges, including a staffing shortage, customer demands, a dynamic regulatory environment and the off-the-grid nature of Alaska. They relied on spreadsheets, email and tribal knowledge for a patchwork compliance program, and lacked a comprehensive view of real risk areas. To make it even more challenging, the Board requested the new GRC program to be up and running in 18 months.

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