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Use case

Track Readership to Ensure Employee Compliance


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Use case
Track Readership to Ensure Employee Compliance

About this Use case

Know when employees read and attest to your critical policies and procedures with PolicyTech.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Ensuring employees read and attest to your critical policies and procedures.
  2. Solution:
    PolicyTech® Policy & Procedure Management
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    Track Readership to Ensure Employee Compliance

    Be sure to know when employees read and attest to your critical policies and procedures.

    The Challenge: The Solution:
    It is not uncommon for organizations to have regulatory or internal requirements for employees to read and sign-off on policies. These include attesting to industry, organizational or role specific policies and guidelines that clarify regulations such as a code of conduct or workplace harassment rules. The organization may need to report these attestations, retrieve them for an audit or use them to help HR validate buy-in. In any case, being able to track attestation to a policy or procedure helps organizations assess which employees are aware of and understand expectations. PolicyTech® syncs with HRIS systems to ensure up to date data sharing. Further, in those situations that require additional validation, topic and policy quizzes can be integrated into the attestation process. In cases of new employees or new requirements of existing employees, this helps administrators manage onboarding and policy and procedure education. Using PolicyTech, administrators may also track task completion rates and identify where additional action may be needed.

    Get Employee Sign-Off

    • Both new and revised policies go through a draft, review, rewrite and appoval process. Once complete, the system automatically distributes the policy to all specified employees required to read it.
    • Employees attest to having read and understood each document that is relevant to them, with optional quizzing to test for comprehension. Automated reminder emails are sent periodically until attestation is received.
    • The central repository – the single source of truth – saves the attestation records for current and previous versions, making audit-ready reporting easy and hassle-free.


    • Creating Site or Language-Specific Documents: PolicyTech allows you to create master documents in your native langauge and then automate language or region-specific daughter documents, attached to the master document.
    • Consistent Branding: Documents can be created, revised and distributed across the organization while preserving appropriate branding. Updates to older versions of policies can be automated.
    • Improved Accessibility: Your employees can access important policies, procedures or other critical documents through simple browse and search functions.
    • Audit-Ready Attestation Reporting: With the centralized management of all of these associated documents in PolicyTech, you can easily track readership to ensure employee compliance across your organization. Get the full picture, accuracy and confidence you need.

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