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Benchmark Report

2022 Regional Whistleblowing Hotline Benchmark Report

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About this Benchmark Report

Providing benchmark data and regional comparisons for Europe, APAC, North America and South America.

  1. What You'll Learn:

    The 2022 Regional Whistleblowing Hotline Benchmark Report provides an in-depth analysis of the data collected from the largest database of whistleblowing reports in the world. The results of this report can help you understand how your performance matches up to industry norms, and how these insights can prepare you for the future.

    • How whistleblowing behaviour varies between Europe, APAC and the Americas
    • The impact of Covid-19 and remote working on whistleblowing across the world
    • Manage local compliance challenges seen from this year’s reporting trends
    • Prepare your speak-up programme for oncoming whistleblowing regulations
    • Evaluate your own whistleblowing programme performance in your region

    Good analysis and benchmarking of whistleblowing hotline data helps organisations answer crucial questions about their risk and compliance programmes.

    Each year, the NAVEX Regional Whistleblowing Hotline Benchmark Report delivers an in-depth analysis of the world’s largest employee incident database to compare whistleblowing programme performance between Europe, APAC, and the Americas.