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Benchmark Report

2021 Definitive Risk & Compliance Benchmark Report

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About this Benchmark Report

Our annual comprehensive review of risk and compliance (R&C) programs offers key findings, analysis and insight to help organizations measure, evaluate and advance their programs.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Risk and compliance program creation or management
  2. Insights and analysis addressed in the report include:
    • What are the top priorities of R&C decision makers?
    • What elements make an effective R&C program, and how are they administered?
    • How do programs evaluate their performance?
    • How does technology impact program effectiveness and design?
    • How does senior management’s view of R&C programs influence program outcomes?
    • How do R&C programs integrate risk management functions?
    • What role does the regulatory environment play in program performance?
    • How can a successful program reduce regulatory risk while measurably improving efficiency, accuracy and consistency?
    • And more!
  3. Page length:
    68 pages

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