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Inclusive. Comprehensive. Global.

We’ve built strong relationships with global telephony carriers to ensure reliable service, connecting your stakeholders with our contact centers when they want to report.  Our global telephony specialists guide you through the best options to meet your needs, and protect your organization. 



Unparalleled Access

Our global telephony support provides ethics hotline access whenever employees need it, wherever they may be. Our call center specialists speak a collective 170+ languages and are available 24/7/365.

Contain Costs

International phone access costs can skyrocket. Our team works with you to find solutions. For example, routing multiple countries to a single Direct Access line can reduce telephony line subscription costs significantly.

Easy Scale & Customize

Often you need to have an immediate hotline solution in place. Our SmartStart option helps you set up your hotline with standard menus, greetings and default languages in 30–60 days; grow your customizations from there as needed.


D-ITFS Lines

Employers using dedicated international toll-free service (D-ITFS) lines make it possible for employees to dial a country-specific toll-free number to reach us. No special dialing, access codes, or operator assistance required.

Direct Access

Direct Access implementations provide a more widely-available international toll-free option for callers. Available in 140 countries, this allows for custom automated call treatment and can improve access by mobile phones.

Worldwide Connect

Based on the AT&T Direct Access platform, Worldwide Connect allows calls to be identified and treated with custom language options based on country of origin.

Global Inbound Service (GIS)

Available in more than 130 countries, GIS can have fewer restrictions for mobile phone access, which can be especially beneficial in global regions with high volumes of mobile callers.

Collect Calling

Collect calling is a stop-gap measure for most countries where international toll-free service and other formats are not available.

Customized Language Support

Customers have the flexibility of choosing language options from our standard set of 70 languages or can add customization features with our expansive list of over 170 languages.