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Protect. Comply. Resolve.

All businesses, particularly those doing business overseas, must ensure their telephony and web-based reporting channels are in full compliance with a wide variety of data protection and privacy laws. We have historically been—and remain—at the forefront of rapidly evolving data privacy laws in North America and across the E.U., and continue to watch developments in and around other countries (Russia, for example). This unique perspective has been the force behind the Data Privacy Module for our EthicsPoint Incident Management software.


Restricted Dispatch

Reports that fall under a data privacy-regulated category go through a restricted workflow where reports are distributed to a client-appointed recipient.

Country-Specific Database

Capture whether the location of the reported incident is data privacy-regulated (as defined by the client) and where the reporter is located.

Limited Issue Package

Limited issue package (which includes standard issue types and definitions) is intended to reflect a common and uniform approach that can be implemented across jurisdictions that restrict hotline case intake to finance, accounting and auditing matters.

Dedicated Client Portal Page

An enhanced portal to view and flag data privacy reports.

Filter and Sort

Filter and sort data privacy reports for analysis or management review.