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Streamlined. Visible. Consistent.

Ensure that reports to your ethics and compliance team can be made quickly and consistently. Custom Report Forms are a powerful report capture tool that provides much needed visibility into the data that your managers are already gathering every day.


Gather Data Consistently

Regardless of where in the organization a report is collected, Web Report Forms can ensure all relevant data is entered into the Incident Management system the same every time.

Increase Productivity

Streamline reporting to save time and ensure investigator’s time is spent on researching incidents, not gathering missing information.

Spot Risks Early

Gain better visibility into where reports are coming from and increase chances of spotting unseen risks.


Dedicated Forms

Create forms to capture specific types of risks—Conflicts of Interest, Gifts & Gratuities, Potential Security Breaches, etc.—to streamline reporting and remediation.

Spot reporting trends by investigator(s), locations or other criteria in real-time, enabling proactive countermeasures.

Easily Manage & Analyze

Review cases and associated costs by case, location, region etc., which enables careful consideration of trends at all levels of your business.

Enforce Consistency

Implement consistent data capture, documentation and investigative workflow to ensure that time is spent on the issues that matter and not filling holes.

Adaptable to Your Needs

Business needs change, so can your Web Report Form.  Easily configure the forms to meet your current and future business needs.