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Employment Law
NLRA - National Labor Relations Act
Employee Relations & Union Awareness
Rich Media

Employees want to be respected, heard, and treated fairly. When they’re not, their workplace could become vulnerable to union organizing. And whether an employee accepts or rejects a union is often directly tied to the behaviors and habits of management.

NAVEX’s Union Awareness (Part 1) aims to cover the ways an organization’s leadership can positively influence the workplace, recognizing employees’ rights and helping to prevent issues that are often a root cause of union organizing efforts. Through the use of animation, video and interactive, real-world scenarios, the course engages learners and drives home critical points and best practices.

When managers pay attention to their employees’ needs – when they know how to do this effectively and why it matters – their employees are less likely to seek out a third party to advocate on their behalf. And that, in turn, can create a positive, respectful workplace environment that benefits everyone.

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​Key concepts covered in this course:

  • The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) – and what it does and doesn’t cover
  • Unfair labor practices (ULPs) and their consequences
  • The importance of fostering positive work environments and avoiding situations in which employees feel the need for union representation
  • The impact of union activity
  • Best practices for fostering a union-free workplace
  • The role of communication, formal processes and regular audits in preventing union activity
  • Effective strategies for workplace communication
  • Examples of protected concerted activity
  • The signs of unionizing
  • How to respond effectively to the signs of union organizing
  • The importance of complying with the NLRA