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Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning Course

Managers play an important role in handling reports. When done effectively, employees feel heard, respected and valued – something that can lead to a great workplace culture.

Internal Report Handling for Frontline Managers (formerly titled Complaints & Investigations) will help managers understand how to recognize reports, as well as what to do if they receive one and how to manage employees after reports are made. From careful documentation to avoiding retaliation, this course will equip managers with essentials to help them – and the organization – avoid potentially serious consequences for mishandling reports.

It takes courage for employees to come forward and share concerns with their managers. Handling these reports correctly can make the difference between finding solutions and creating even more problems. Help managers get it right the first time.

Course Details


Key Concepts Covered In This Course:

  • Introduction to internal reports
  • Importance of recognizing internal reports
  • What constitutes a report
  • Kinds of reports that always require manager action
  • What reports look like
  • Who can make a report
  • What it means to be “on notice” of a report
  • Conducting an effective intake
  • Setting expectations with employees who make a report, including escalation, investigation and non-retaliation
  • What to avoid when handling a report
  • Following up with those who make a report
  • Confidentiality
  • Avoiding retaliation
  • Unintentional retaliation
  • Handling employee performance issues after a report
  • Best practices for working with an employee after they make a report about their manager
  • A manager’s key role in handling reports
  • The importance of responding skillfully and effectively when on notice of a report
  • Building a respectful and ethical workplace