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For organizations that contract with the U.S. government, the rules and regulations surrounding gifts and gratuities are very strict. And because of the significant penalties associated with violating those rules, they’re critical for employees to understand. But what constitutes a gift? Do the same rules apply to subcontractors? And are there exceptions to these rules?

NAVEX’s Government Contracting: Gifts, Gratuities and Bribery course answers these questions and more. The course covers need-to-know definitions, like gifts, bribes and kickbacks, and details the rules for interacting with U.S. public officials and the subcontractors and vendors involved in a government contract. It concludes with an overview of the narrow, limited exceptions to these rules, providing employees with an understanding of what is – and isn’t – acceptable, when it comes to gifts and government contracts.

The strict restrictions on gifts and gratuities as they pertain to federal government contracts come with serious potential liability for organizations and their employees if they aren’t followed. Government Contracting: Gifts, Gratuities and Bribery can help to educate employees and mitigate some of these risks.

Course Details

All Learners

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • The definition and broad interpretation of a “gift”
  • Examples of prohibited gifts
  • The definition and broad interpretation of a “bribe”
  • Rules regarding bribes
  • The importance of avoiding even the appearance of improper conduct
  • The definition of a “kickback”
  • An explanation of favorable treatment
  • Obligations to report suspected violations of the rules
  • An explanation of permitted gifts
  • When an exception can be made based on a
  • personal relationship
  • An explanation of the Widely Attended Gathering (WAG) exception
  • The importance of seeking approval before making any exception
  • The critical nature of speaking up
  • Who to contact with suspicions, concerns or questions
  • Assurance the organization will investigate reports and take action as necessary
  • The policy against retaliation
  • The value of each employee in preserving the organization’s reputation and maintaining an ethical workplace
  • Review of the critical role employees play
  • An opportunity to review key policies and certify