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Confidential Information
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An organization’s confidential information is one of its biggest competitive advantages – but could also be one of its biggest liabilities. One breach or careless mistake can put an entire organization at risk.

Confidential Information helps learners identify confidential information – from personal and management information to trade secrets and intellectual property. The course then explores how to protect that information, offering tips and best practices.

Protecting confidential information is everyone’s responsibility. In-depth training increases the likelihood that employees will recognize this important information and take the right steps to protect it.

Course Details

All Learners

Key Concepts Covered In This Course:

  • Examples of personal, management and business information, as well as intellectual property
  • Why it’s important to protect confidential information
  • How to protect information when you work with third parties
  • Definitions and examples of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets
  • Who owns intellectual property that you develop over the course of your time with the organization
  • Best practices for using and protecting intellectual property
  • How to properly handle and share information so only authorized people have access to it
  • Guidelines for securing information against unauthorized access
  • Best practices for handling information when you work remotely
  • A reminder of an employee’s responsibility for protecting confidential information
  • An opportunity to review key policies and certify