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Training for the Modern Workforce

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Information Security Training

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Information Security Training

As we continue to adopt new technology, information security training has become one of the most important aspects of any compliance program. Increased access to information through digital channels has provided major advantages to businesses, allowing them to improve everything from marketing to customer experience. However, this all comes with a need for information security training.

NAVEX provides training content that can help organisations deliver in-depth and vital training to employees, through our robust online training library.

Information Security Training and Awareness from NAVEX

Given how dependent modern business is on digital technology, ensuring your employees have received the right training to meet security and compliance needs is vital. NAVEX’s online information security training covers several aspects of information security training and awareness for every organisation.

Cyber Security

To avoid damage to company reputation and prevent dangerous data leaks, employees must have a robust awareness of cyber security best practice. This means covering everything from management expectations, where an understanding of their unique position in maintaining cyber security is of importance, through to practical training on what to do when there’s a data breach and how best to contain breach risks. All of this is covered within NAVEX’s cyber security training videos.

Data Privacy

Securing personal data and handling personal information are everyday occurrences in many organisations. With GDPR guidelines insist this data is handled in the most safe and secure way possible, it’s important that every business ensures its employees follow the most up-to-date guidance. With several training videos that offer in-depth and robust data privacy training, every organisation can remain safe.

Information Security Essentials Training and Beyond

NAVEX offers information security training courses in the UK and worldwide, using years of knowledge to create robust and effective online training. From compliance training to conduct training and much more, we’re committed to helping organisations protect their people, reputation and bottom line.

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