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PolicyTech® Localization Workflow Module

With PolicyTech® Software
Part of the NAVEX E&C Solution

Develop. Localize. Distribute.

Our Localization Workflow Module, an add-on feature to PolicyTech, allows you to easily develop and distribute versions of a master document tailored for specific languages, regions or regulatory needs. With policy reporting tools that allow for master and copy documents to be reported on together, organizations can easily track corporation-wide compliance against expectations.

Policy Reporting Benefits

Distribute & Track Policies Efficiently

Keeping track of versions that vary from the master version of a policy is a headache. The Localization Module for PolicyTech manages it all for you so you can maintain complete control of the process.

Be Truly Global

Ensure compliance in each end user’s native language. The Localization Module enables policy writers across the globe to contribute. You can have native speakers write policies that take into account cultural differences and also rest assured that the policy is tracked and linked to the master policy. 

Consistent Policy Reporting

Employee attestation and review from all versions of a policy are rolled up into one comprehensive report. 


Version Control

Keep language or region-specific versions of a policy linked to the master version with our Localization Workflow Add-On.

Customize Policies

Edit versions of a master policy to meet regional regulatory requirements, show site-specific logos and company names and translate versions into different languages for specific employees.

Maintain Control

Modify settings, make task assignments and write localization instructions for each copy from the master document.

Roll-Up Reporting

The Localization Workflow Module makes roll-up reporting—including attestation reporting—on a master document a snap.  

Automatic Notifications

Use automatic notification to localized copy owners when the master document is approved and their version is ready for them to take action—edit, approve or distribute.

Automated Assignments

Put the right policies in front of the right people. Automatically assign readers to translated copies in their preferred language.

The Process

The Localization Workflow Module provides a simple way to manage all versions of a document needed to meet your organization’s policy distribution requirements. It allows administrators to create versions of a master document, and distribute those copies to other authors to edit, translate or forward for facility specific review and approval.

Example Localization Features:

• Distribution of a master document to relevant authors
• Edit/translate copies and review/approve
• Roll-up reporting across copies