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PolicyTech® for Life Sciences

With PolicyTech® Software
Part of the NAVEX E&C Solution

Establish. Maintain. Defend.

Protect your pharmaceutical, agricultural, bioscience or food company with automated policy and procedure processes to improve operational efficiencies and comply with regulatory audits and requirements. PolicyTech makes it easy to manage CAP and ISO compliance and FDA regulations, and is a critical aspect of managing risk for life sciences organizations.

Benefits of PolicyTech for Life Sciences

Accelerate Time-to-Market

PolicyTech automates your policy management lifecycle so you can focus on product development. Once policies are created, the system helps you create workflows for the right approvals and reviews.

Decrease Compliance Risks

By documenting and requiring employees to attest to policies and procedures, your organizational processes can be visible and defensible to compliance laws and regulations.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Many life science organizations must demonstrate how they meet processing, safety and tracking standards by law. PolicyTech policy and procedure management software helps you manage critical documents so you can save time.


Documented Policy Attestation

Improve defensibility with a clear understanding of attestations against every policy and procedure. Through campaigns, bundle related documents and push them out to custom groups of employees.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

PolicyTech’s seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365® means your employees will feel comfortable working in a program they already know.

Defined Audit Trail

PolicyTech policy and procedure management software allows you to see every version of every document in the system—forever. Know when it was approved, who worked on it and when changes were made.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Search for policies by keyword or the regulation the policy is related it. PolicyTech pulls up a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate list to find the information you need.

Secure Mobile Access

Employees can easily access and review policies from their PC or on the go on any mobile device. Role-based access provides 24/7 secure access to critical compliance documents.

Centralized Management

All policies are stored in a single, always-accessible secure online location, organized according to your needs**.**