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PolicyTech® for Industrial Manufacturing

With PolicyTech® Software
Part of the NAVEX E&C Solution

Establish. Maintain. Distribute.

PolicyTech stores and manages your health and safety, quality and environmental data in a secure system while maintaining a 100% audit-ready archive. Whether you’re classified as light, medium or heavy manufacturing, PolicyTech can be configured to perfectly fit your company.

Benefits of PolicyTech for Industrial Manufacturing

Adhere to Quality & Safety Guidelines

PolicyTech helps you comply with the right quality and safety guidelines. Automated notifications remind policy owners when it is time to update a policy or when employees may need to attest again.

Always Audit-Ready

Map policies and procedures to the most pertinent regulation or law. When audits do arise, quickly and easily access related policies and procedures, their history and attestation records.

Reduced Cycle Time

Role-based workflows enable authors and reviewers to quickly edit and approve applicable policies and procedures. 


Standardize Workflows

Policies are stored in a central database for easy access and reduced friction and frustration. Escalation is incorporated for overdue tasks.

Embed Training

Videos and training material can be embedded directly into a policy or procedure to provide context or increase comprehension.

Documented Policy Attestation

Improve defensibility with a clear understanding of attestations against every policy and procedure. Through campaigns, bundle related documents and push them out to custom groups of employees.

Version Control

PolicyTech allows access to previous versions of a policy at the click of a button. Be ready for an audit, or comply with policy storage guidelines, at any time.

Easy Customization

Link a master document with all of its customized versions. Each version stays connected to the master document, and all activity is rolled up into a single report for easy reporting.

Centralized Storage

All policies are stored in a single, always-accessible, always-secure online location, organized according to your needs.


Traveling or away from your desktop? Search for, read, review and attest to policies on the fly through the PolicyTech mobile app, available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

“Some of our workers are not on the computer all day. They are out climbing around, checking levels and turning valves. When they need to look for a procedure, they need to get their hands on it fairly quickly. That is one of the keys here. Time equals money.”

Reggie Ramirez, Process Safety Management Coordinator / Valero