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PolicyTech® Policy Management for Healthcare Organizations

With PolicyTech® Software
Part of the NAVEX E&C Solution

Create. Control. Comply.

PolicyTech enables hospitals and healthcare organizations to improve efficiency and achieve healthcare compliance through automated review/approval lifecycle management, publication, distribution and tracking of policies and procedures.

Benefits of PolicyTech for Healthcare

Improve Accreditation Compliance

Centralize your policy and procedure updates and improvement documentation in one place. Accreditors can log into the system and view all changes and attestations to particular policies and procedures.

Organize Policies By Guidelines & Standards

Organize your documents by regulatory guidelines and standards specific to your organization. Documents can also be grouped or searched by the most applicable regulation.

Connect Behaviors With Outcomes

PolicyTech helps reveal how well practitioners are adhering to policies so you can find and address blind spots that may be compromising quality and safety.


Documented Attestations

Know and document when providers attest to policies and procedures. Use violation data to improve training or determine if the documentation needs updating.

Microsoft 365 Integration

PolicyTech’s seamless integration with Microsoft 365® means your employees will feel comfortable working in a program they already know.


Whether at a PC or on a mobile device, policies and procedures are easy to find, reference and review—essential in a fast-paced work environment.

Centralized Storage for Healthcare Compliance

Clinical and operating policies and procedures are centralized and standardized in a manageable electronic format where they remain safe and secure.

Embedded Training

Embed videos and training material directly within a policy or procedure to provide context and increase understanding.

“We went from 400+ documents to just 100 during our conversion to PolicyTech. We took a critical look at our policies and procedures, and eliminated lot of unnecessary or duplicated documents.”

Pamela Roberts, Ph.D., Manager Rehabilitation and Neuropsychology / Cedars-Sinai Health System