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PolicyTech® for Financial Services

With PolicyTech® Software
Part of the NAVEX E&C Solution

Consistent. Automated. Regulated.

PolicyTech policy management software helps banks, financial services and credit unions achieve a consistent, automated approach to managing policies and adjusting to new regulations and threats.

Address your most challenging banking regulatory compliance and risk management requirements while reducing costs, improving efficiencies and enhancing visibility and control.

Benefits of PolicyTech for Financial Services

Assess Your Organization

Use policy and procedure software to demonstrate banking compliance with regulations enforced by CFPB, DOJ, FDIC, OTS, OCC, NCUA, SEC and FINRA, to name a few.

Consistently Control Documents Across Your Organization

Bank compliance software enables consistent control across the enterprise, eliminating errors and redundancy.

Protect Your Organization from Risk

Gather attestations to critical policies and procedures to better protect your organization from risk.


Standardize Processes

Create and enforce approval processes around each type of policy and procedure. Workflows ensure ensures policies and have been vetted and approved by the right stakeholders and maintained with the appropriate internal controls.

Enhanced Security

Tailor viewing, reviewing and approval permissions to your organization’s needs. PolicyTech gives access to the individuals or groups who need it by type of policy or just to a single policy.

Documented Attestation

Policy administrators can clearly see which employees and third parties have attested to specific policies and procedures and follow-up as necessary.


Traveling or away from your desktop? Search for, read, review and attest to policies on-the-fly through the PolicyTech mobile app, available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

PolicyTech’s seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365® means your employees will feel comfortable working in a program they already know.

Organized Collaboration

Work collectively on documents, standards and procedures across departments and through approval chains. Break down silos and work together to keep policies and procedures up-to-date.

“The audit trail is really good for us: we are able to show the control path from one version to the next as documents are updated. We use digital signatures to help us keep track of who is approving documents and also to help track of who has read them. The system is actively reinforcing our workflow and security, keeping us in line with best practices without our having to even think about it.”

Jeffrey Johnson, Software Engineer / PNC Bank