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New course content designed to educate about persistent harassment issues including sexual harassment, retaliation, political speech at work, and other emerging forms of harassment.

PORTLAND, Ore., February 22, 2017 — Leading ethics and compliance software and services company NAVEX Global® today announced the launch of new online training courseware designed to prevent workplace harassment and bullying. The new offering was engineered to meet the demanding legal requirements of states like California (AB 1825 & AB 2053), Maine and Connecticut, and generally reflects challenges employees face in the modern workplace, including harassment based on immigration status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity and retaliation.

“Our new Workplace Harassment courseware is designed to help organizations stay ahead of sensitive — and therefore, difficult — workplace issues faced by managers and employees,” said Ingrid Fredeen, Vice President of NAVEXEngage and Senior Product Manager. “This issue extends far beyond sexual harassment and bullying, and so should your training; our new course reflects our fundamental belief that training on respect and civility is critical to creating a culture of respect and preventing harassment. With recent political and social events finding their way into the workplace, employee training and is needed now more than ever.”

The updated Workplace Harassment training is delivered via new scenarios and content that is relevant and engaging. Workplace Harassment courseware is the most popular online training offered by NAVEX Global®, and the new content and messaging is updated regularly to combat learner fatigue, address new or emerging issues and ensure the scenarios resonate with today’s employees.

NAVEX Global’s Workplace Harassment courseware is highly interactive and engaging, a key to its success. In addition to video, animation, and high-end graphics, it incorporates innovative interactive exercises that challenge learners to understand what is right. The training has a focus on changing behavior rather than rote memorization.

Given the severe negative impact workplace harassment can have on an organization, best practices dictate that harassment training should never be a check-the-box project. High-quality training sends a message that the organization cares about employees and how they are treated. “It is up to employers to ensure employees understand what is expected of them and how to help put an end to harassment,” Fredeen said. “Quality training builds a strong culture of respect, which in turn becomes a real competitive advantage.”

For a preview of NAVEX Global’s new Workplace Harassment course, click here. Or copy and paste this URL: /products/training/courseware/workplace-harassment

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