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PORTLAND, Ore., June 30, 2020 – NAVEX Global®, the leader in integrated risk and compliance management solutions, today announced the launch of NAVEX One, an integrated SaaS platform to help businesses more efficiently and effectively manage risk and compliance programs.

Today’s announcement marks the first of a multi-phased plan to bring NAVEX Global’s comprehensive risk and compliance solution set together onto a fully integrated platform. NAVEX One provides compliance and legal professionals unified program administration across their NAVEX Global solutions, including:

“Risk and compliance professionals, along with executives and boards of directors, recognize the ever-increasing requirements for strong risk and compliance programs,” said Bob Conlin, president and CEO, NAVEX Global. “NAVEX One provides customers a comprehensive set of applications integrated into a single technology platform to help businesses effectively and holistically manage their programs and stay ahead of emerging risks.”

The integrated NAVEX One platform offers risk, compliance, legal and HR professionals a unified view and streamlined workflows across all applications, making it easier to manage and administer their risk and compliance programs. Employees will also now have single sign-on and a unified view into their specific compliance tasks related to policies, training and disclosures. Easing the compliance burden on both administrators and employees helps improve the organization’s compliance with corporate, legal and regulatory requirements and reduces task delinquencies. The NAVEX One SaaS platform also improves reporting capabilities and insights, providing executives and boards the right level of information to make faster, more informed decisions that mitigate legal, operational and reputational risks.

Click here for more information about NAVEX One.

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