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PORTLAND, Ore., March 23, 2021 – NAVEX Global®, the leader in integrated risk and compliance management software, today announced its Chief Risk and Compliance Officer Carrie Penman has been named to the International Compliance Association (ICA) Global Practitioner Advisory Board (GPBA).

The role of the GPBA is to support the strategic direction of the ICA, which aims to: “inspire, educate, and engage the international compliance community to think more, perform better, and conduct business in the right way.”

Board members are selected based on industry engagement, current and active practitioner experience, independent perspective, commitment to serve and diversity. They provide valuable practitioner and industry perspectives, assist in the identification of new opportunities, including training programs, events and partnerships while also acting as external ambassadors for the ICA. The GPBA includes representatives from a broad range of industry sectors, jurisdictions and compliance specialties.

Ms. Penman has 27 years of experience in the compliance profession. She began her ethics and compliance career as the first Director of Corporate Ethics at Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1994 and has been a leader in the profession ever since. In 2020, she was recognized with Compliance Week’s Lifetime Achievement in Compliance Award, recognizing long-time practitioners that have upheld the core principles of ethics and leadership throughout their career.

“The ICA plays a crucial role in bringing together the global compliance community and upholding the highest standards of conduct and integrity within our profession and our organizations,” said Penman. “I am honored to join the Global Practitioner Advisory Board at this critical moment following a year that forever changed the compliance profession.”

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