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NAVEX launches new web-based Code of Conduct

PORTLAND, Ore.— November 13, 2023 –NAVEX, the leader in integrated risk and compliance management software, today announced the launch of its new web-based Code of Conduct and subscription offering. This new capability will inspire employees to apply their organization’s values and standards while at work. Using this enhanced capability, organizations can create a more ethical workplace and build a better employee experience around their Code of Conduct in service of a stronger, more positive corporate culture.  

“It’s typically a significant task to create an effective Code of Conduct that is easy to access for all employees. NAVEX has been a valuable partner and helped our team simplify the process. Their knowledgeable advisors suggested best practice code topics based on our unique risk areas,” says Dominique Desjardins, Ethics & Compliance Specialist at BRP. “This has helped us to build a code that demonstrates our commitment to ethical practices and risk mitigation.”  

As a service offering, NAVEX’s solution includes access to an experienced team of risk and compliance experts that work with customers to ensure the intent of the code’s copy is right the first time. It also provides annual updates and in-depth reviews of new regulations and trends. It delivers an effective, bespoke code to customers and eliminates the need for a complete overhaul every few years.  

Benefits of the NAVEX web-based Code of Conduct subscription: 

  • Offers decision-making tools that link answer-seekers to helpful and relevant resources. 
  • Engages employees with interactive features, embedded videos, and more. Content is fully searchable and responsive. 
  • Produces analytics showing page views, visitor count, and average engagement time. These data points highlight trends that guide the business to make strategic decisions to inform training initiatives. 
  • Provides a launch strategy and supporting materials such as awareness posters, supplier code, and manager’s guide. 
  • Easy to access from NAVEX One, in a mobile-friendly web-based format.

NAVEX One integration 

  • The enhanced Code of Conduct is seamlessly integrated into NAVEX One - a unified, simplified way for employees to engage with their compliance program:     
  • Enables employees to conveniently report incidents. 
  • Easily access and read policies, including the Code of Conduct. 
  • Confirms policy adherence. 
  • Access to complete training. 
  • Discloses information within a user-friendly interface accessible on mobile devices.

“Forward thinking organizations want to ensure everyone is familiar with, and abides by, their Code of Conduct. Our solution makes it easy for employees to access the code and use it to guide appropriate decision making. It also keeps the code updated for business and regulatory changes,” said NAVEX Chief Product Officer, A.G. Lambert. “In addition, the web-based approach allows for analytics that help leadership understand which topics covered by the code are of the most interest and where it might need improvement or more clarity.” 

To learn more about NAVEX Code of Conduct, read our blog, “How (and Why) to Make a Meaningful Code of Conduct.” 

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