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Report: Whistleblowing in Europe

With the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive coming into force in December 2021, many organisations seek to understand whether they’re ready to comply with the new rules and have the right processes and reporting channels in place to cultivate a positive whistleblowing culture.

NAVEX has surveyed 2,250 people across nine European countries to understand the cultural perceptions and opinions about workplace whistleblowing and to answer some of the most common questions: 

  • How does the level of readiness for the EU Directive vary across different countries?
  • Is the C-suite confidence in their readiness to protect whistleblowers justified?
  • Should whistleblowers be financially rewarded?
  • How confident are European professionals that the EU Directive will protect them against retaliation?
  • What does your organisation’s attitude towards whistleblowing reveal about its culture?
  • How is whistleblowing changing in the era of working from home?

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