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NEW EDITION!</br>Definitive Guide to Ethics & Compliance Training

The Definitive Guide to Ethics & Compliance Training is a comprehensive resource with tips, advice and examples to help organizations develop cost effective, high value, engaging and successful ethics and compliance (E&C) training programs. This guide is divided into three main sections: Plan, Implement and Measure.

You’ll find the tools and information you need to develop a strong E&C training strategy, implement a multiyear education plan, deploy training to advance your program goals, address your most pressing risks, and measure, evaluate and improve your training effectiveness.

Contrary to being a “nice to have,” an effective E&C training program is critical to running a productive, reputable and successful organization. With complex regulations and a legal environment that is constantly shifting, few have mastery of this content, yet all need to protect their organizations. So, it can be a challenge for compliance professionals to articulate the magnitude of legal, financial and reputational risk that exists without effective training.

6 Objectives Your Organization Can Achieve with Training

  1. Create a culture of ethics and respect
  2. Provide employees with information they need to do their job
  3. Prevent misconduct
  4. Establish a legal defense in the event of a misstep
  5. Protect and manage reputation
  6. Avoid litigation

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