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Compliance requirements under California's SB 553

There are three essential requirements California employers need to comply with by July 1, 2024.

  • Establish, implement and maintain an effective workplace violence prevention plan
  • Record information in a violent incident log for every workplace violence incident
  • Provide effective training to employees

Get the bird’s-eye view necessary for holistic compliance with solutions that integrate and communicate effectively with your broader program. Read a playbook to help you map out a simple, modern, and connected program solution.


Workplace violence prevention requirements and solutions

The waves of California legislation often reach much farther than its beautiful beaches. California’s SB 553, also known as Workplace Violence Prevention, is no exception and establishes the first general industry safety requirements in the United States - and organizations across the country should take notice.

Companies headquartered in California and/or have a location in California with 10 or more employees must comply by July 1. Your compliance can be more than checking a box - ensuring employee safety can build a stronger and more successful organization.

Download your resource today to see what challenges you may encounter as you build your plan, the approach to resolve them systematically and quickly, and a playbook for easy implementation.

Download your playbook

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Senate bills are complicated.

Access the resources you need to digest and understand the basic legal requirements of SB 553, all legally vetted by The Volkov Law Group. NAVEX has you covered for each critical piece you need to comply: an effective workplace violence prevention plan, training for your employees, and workplace violence incident log. Get in touch to learn how you can adopt workplace violence and safety-related plans quickly to comply with the deadline.


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