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Online Training Courses That Aren’t Boring

NAVEX’s online adaptive learning courses adapt the content to the individual learner based on their performance. This rewards learners who demonstrate proficiency by quickly progressing them through the content, saving time and reducing fatigue.

  • Build a training program that aligns with DOJ guidance
  • Train on critical compliance topics
  • Reduce employee complaints about repetitive training
  • Drive employee engagement and knowledge retention
  • Effectively train employees with varying baseline knowledge

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Why choose NAVEX’s online training courses?​

With limited budgets and diversified workforces, organizations are challenged with demonstrating the value and effectiveness of resources spent. Companies need confidence that their employees are well-equipped to respond correctly when situations arise that could put the organization at risk.

Effective ethics and compliance training programs help manage risks because they improve company culture, satisfy federal and state training mandates, deliver management efficiencies, and align with an organization’s values.


NAVEX provides the most-trusted training in the industry.

Online ethics and compliance training details

Feature Benefit

Legally Vetted Course Content

NAVEX course content is vetted by one of the world’s leading legal firms, Baker McKenzie.

Endorsed by Leading Associations

Our training solution is endorsed by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) and The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC).

Micro Learnings

Our micro learning library addresses key topics in 2–8-minute trainings. This allows for continued reinforcement of critical topics covered in the full-length courses with shorter time commitments.

Globally Optimized

Courseware localized allowing learners to train in their preferred languages. American region course titles available in 3 languages; Global courses available in 14 standard languages – translate (dub/overlay audio and translated text).

Robust Completion Tracking

The NAVEX One platform automates completion data and provides an audit trail.

Adaptive Learning Courses

NAVEX offers certain courses in the Adaptive Learning format which tailors the content to the needs of each individual learner. This format makes the most efficient use of employee time.

Customizations Available

NAVEX courses can be customized to organizational needs. By allowing custom video content and company logos, learners feel like they are in a custom environment built specifically for their organization.

Vetted Against Accessibility Standards

Adaptive Learning course titles are designed with Section 508, WCAG, and EU Web Accessibility Directive standards in mind, reaching more learners.

How online E&C training improves company culture and reduces risk

NAVEX’s Ethics and Compliance Training is dynamic, contemporary and addresses the most pressing ethics and compliance topics. We offer a variety of course lengths and communication tools to ensure learners are engaged and empowered. Training managed on the NAVEX One platform provides the sophisticated program management and reporting tools today’s E&C professionals need to demonstrate program effectiveness to internal and external stakeholders.

Create value with effective online training content

NAVEXEngage delivers topical and legally vetted course content addressing compliance, conduct, employment law and information security risks, seamlessly managed within the NAVEX One platform or on the customer’s preferred learning management system.

  • Developed by experts in ethics and compliance with decades of experience, allowing unmatched clarity and accuracy on core topics and their implications
  • Set up to align with an organization’s values and promote a culture of ethics and respect while reducing the opportunity for undue risk in your organization