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New York State Sexual Harassment Training

Updated July 2023

Adhere to New York’s anti-harassment training regulations and improve workplace culture

All New York state employers must provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees annually. Employees should receive training regardless of employment status (e.g. temporary or part-time workers) and immigration status.

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New York’s sexual harassment training requirements at a glance

Feature Benefit


Section 201-G; NY 8421

Who it applies to: 

All New York employers - regardless of immigration status, including exempt and non-exempt employees, part-time workers, seasonal and temporary workers – who work or will work any portion of time in the state

Required duration:

No time length specified

Frequency of training:


*Note: For those working in New York City, see sexual harassment training mandates for New York City.

Why use NAVEX for your New York sexual harassment prevention training?

Designed for compliance

Legally vetted by Baker McKenzie to comply with New York’s state and federal training requirements

Relevant content

Updated, real-world scenarios for working in today’s society

Self-customization options

Have more control over the course content and simplicity when you want to make changes


Aligns with 508/WCAG2.1AA/EU Dir accessibility standards

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How to comply with New York’s sexual harassment training laws and regulations

Training can be provided in person or online, but it must be interactive. 

Examples of topics that New York state’s sexual harassment prevention training must cover but is not limited to: 

  • The definition of sexual harassment  
  • Employer’s policy and procedures for addressing and preventing sexual harassment 
  • Rights and remedies available to victims of sexual harassment 

New York employers must also provide employees with a written copy of their sexual harassment policy. Both the policy and training must be available in English, and in the employee’s primary language. Failure to comply may result in fines and legal action against the employer.  


This is not intended as nor should be relied upon as legal advice, and we recommend all customers review their organization’s specific compliance requirements with dedicated legal counsel.

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