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One risk and compliance platform for complete GRC confidence

The NAVEX One platform provides a 360-degree view of your people, third parties and processes for a complete risk and compliance solution.

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One platform

Manage all your governance, risk and compliance priorities in one platform

Unified data

Unify and make sense of all data sources for informed decisions

Centralized risk management

Centrally identify and address all internal and external business risks

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Why an integrated GRC program?

The complexities of today’s risk and compliance landscape can scatter your data. Where patchwork solutions leave gaps, an integrated program connects the dots and brings different areas of GRC together to show you the bigger picture. 

With all-in-one, integrated GRC software like NAVEX One, you can: 

  • Manage workflows and operations across different GRC areas 
  • Connect scattered data sources for a unified risk view 
  • Quickly adapt to new regulations and standards 
  • Ensure consistent protections across all systems 
  • Improve cross-department communication, insights and results
Discover NAVEX One

How NAVEX One works

See the big picture of your risk and compliance program

Provide a full view of your unique risk and compliance landscape in one place. 

  • Builds familiarity with your GRC strategy and tools 
  • Reduces learning curves and training time 
  • Improves task efficiency and consistency
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Why NAVEX One compliance platform?

Who doesn’t want complex work to be easier to manage? With NAVEX One you’ll enjoy: 

  • Hours saved – Spend more time strategizing and less time on manual tasks and troubleshooting 
  • Convenience – Get everything you need to manage compliance, without the multi-tool clutter 
  • Better experiences – You’ll know every touchpoint with your employees reflects your values 
  • Risk visibility – No more uncertainty with instant insights into risk status and activity 
  • Practical insights – Make better business decisions by analyzing your unique data

Transform your GRC strategy with NAVEX One

Navigate the compliance complexities around people, third parties and processes with ease. It’s time for a GRC platform that covers all bases.