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Part of the NAVEX IRM Solution

Third-Party Risk Management Software

See the Complete Picture of Your Third-Party Risk

As your outsourcing needs grow, so does your risk. NAVEX IRM Third-Party Risk Management software places your suppliers’ and vendors’ risk in the context of your business so you can better evaluate their performance.

A Leader in the ITVRM Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

Uncover and Classify Third-Party Risk
  • Collect risk information including operational, information security, financial, and compliance-related risks
  • Create dynamic assessments using prebuilt questions based on standards and regulations to obtain relevant vendor information
  • Automatically generate a score to determine the risk profile of a third party across different risk categories

Link Third Parties To Policies, Risks, and Controls
  • Provide documentation and context for your organization and your vendors
  • Ensure third parties take proper security measures and meet your expectations when outsourcing work or handling your data

Get Real-Time Third Party Performance Insight
  • Monitor and gain insights into how third parties operate, how they secure your data, and confirms compliance throughout the relationship to reduce risk of breaches
  • Reference relationship history for performance review and management
  • Leverage intelligence feeds from content providers for continuous monitoring