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Environmental, Social & Governance Software

Your ESG Program. Centrally Managed.

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Your ESG Program. Centrally Managed.


It helps cross-functional corporate teams make operations more sustainable, supply chains more ethical, and businesses better equipped to respond to stakeholders such as employees, customers, and investors.

Now, you can automate data collection workflows and easily report on corporate commitments to sustainability, equitable human capital management, and sound governance.

The result? A modern ESG program, repeatable for compliance and growth.

Your View of the Entire Sustainability Impact Chain

Provides you a head start in meeting multiple ESG disclosure requirements across key areas of reporting.

Brings together your environmental, social, and governance metrics so you have a single source of ESG truth.

Track sourcing of the 3TGs, cobalt and mica to ensure your minerals sourcing is compliant.

NAVEX ESG is Recognized by and Partnered with Trusted ESG Leaders