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Dig Deeper Into Your Third-Party Risk

NAVEX can provide a complete view of ALL vendor risks

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Now is the time to act! You can save $10,000 when you add NAVEX IRM Out of the Box before December 31, 2022 to your risk management program.

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Comprehensive vendor risk scoring

Screening and monitoring the third parties you do business with is an important step in assuring they are compliant with regulations and uphold your organization’s values. The next step in a comprehensive risk management program is to add this information to risk scores from other areas from your vendors to see a comprehensive risk perspective.

  • IT risk score - IRM Out of the Box evaluates and monitors vendor security controls against industry standards or those defined by your organization to anticipate and react to disruptive events.
  • Compliance impact score - IRM Out of the Box anticipates legal, financial, and material impacts as a result of not complying with regulatory requirements or policies.
  • Operational risk score - IRM Out of the Box identifies the significance of the goods and services vendors provide and the impact of disruption to their environment.
  • Reputational risk score - RiskRate protects your organization from reputational risks and regulatory enforcement with ongoing screening & monitoring.