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GRC Buyer’s Guide

What's in the ebook?

Operations of every kind are becoming more complex across the current business landscape. Integrated technologies, social trends, global markets, and many other issues have exponentially increased the volume and type of risks that organizations routinely face. In addition, a complex regulatory environment introduces another layer of risk.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance, or GRC, is a coordinated and integrated strategy for corporate governance, enterprise-wide risk management, and compliance with regulatory and industry requirements.

GRC is not a new discipline; however, compliance professionals often struggle with department silos, more urgent resource needs, and an inability to measure and quantify results.

An integrated GRC platform allows you to centrally manage multiple risk disciplines – offering a single pane of glass to support and enforce the specific controls and frameworks your business needs to grow successfully. A GRC platform consolidates data sources, streamlines processes and drives data-based decisions.

What's Inside: The 5 Steps to Success

Understanding GRC

Assessing Your GRC Maturity

Asking the Right GRC Questions

Dispelling GRC Platform Myths

Justifying a GRC Platform