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ESG Reporting Software

Integrate ESG Reporting into Your Business Practices

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NAVEX ESG Solution: Automate the gathering of data from sources across your company and turn it into ESG-ready data that drives decision making.

Effortlessly manage and integrate data from your organization to create formatted reports for ESG rating service providers. Natural resource, human capital, supply chain metrics, and more are automatically transformed into ESG-ready data that investors rely on.

Specify and aggregate natural resource impact - including water use, energy consumption, and waste generation - from your facilities, and automatically calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) footprints to see how environmental sustainability initiatives are performing against targets.

Assess third parties to determine their sustainability efforts. Benchmark results against a broader pool of suppliers. Integrate results with RFP/RFI process and with Scope 3 data capture that third parties require for reporting.

Integrate supplier data with NAVEX ESG to manage responsible sourcing of conflict minerals. Ensure suppliers are Dodd-Frank Conflict Mineral compliant. Create Conflict Mineral Report Template (CMRT) reports ready for SEC Form SD filing.

A Modern ESG Program, Repeatable for Compliance and Growth


NAVEX ESG is Recognized by and Partnered with Trusted ESG Leaders