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NEW!</br>Definitive Guide to Compliance Program Assessment

This definitive guide is a comprehensive resource designed to help organizations evaluate and improve their ethics and compliance programs through industry evidence and insights. Each program is unique, with disparate risks and various levels of maturity, so not everything in this guide will apply to every program. However, it is designed to help you perform a robust gap analysis of your unique program and guide you through best practices to achieve the next level of sophistication right for your organization.

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The essential step to improving your compliance program

Your ethics and compliance program is an ecosystem of moving parts. New laws and regulations, new lines of business, new geographies, global changes to the regulatory environment, and mergers and acquisitions become part of a growing enterprise your compliance ecosystem must support. Those in charge of the system must regularly revisit and assess their risk and priorities to make necessary adjustments that ensure an effective compliance program.

A robust and quality assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of how your program:

  • Measures up against organizations with similar size, industry and footprint
  • Meets globally recognized, industry-accepted standards and regulations
  • Helps close gaps in risk mitigation and defines improvements in a prioritized manner via a multiyear work plan to achieve your organization’s desired level of program maturity