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Accelerate Your Third-Party Screening & Monitoring Program

Protect your organization’s reputation from third-party risk

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Keep pace with rapidly evolving third-party risks

Third parties pose countless risks to your organization, including reputational, financial, and compliance concerns. Establishing a risk-based approach to third-party due diligence that streamlines the onboarding and screening of third parties enables you to effectively address risks and begin doing business faster. 

NAVEX’s RiskRate, a Blackstone approved third-party screening & monitoring solution, focuses on surfacing the regulatory and reputational risks a third party may present. NAVEX One’s unique approach to third-party due diligence is that it is tracked and managed in the same platform as your whistleblowing hotline, compliance trainings, conflicts of interest management, and policies - this helps you close loopholes and ensure inconsistencies do not create undue risk for your organization.

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