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Online compliance training for the modern workforce – on-site and remote.

NAVEX’s award-winning training courses specifically address new legislation in New York, California, Maine, Connecticut and Delaware, all states that now mandate harassment training.

Trusted by 13,000+ Customers Worldwide


Join the thousands of organizations who rely on NAVEX Global’s training courses to educate their employees.

NAVEX provides the most-trusted training in the industry. Why choose NAVEX’s online compliance training courses?​

NAVEX’s award-winning training is dynamic, contemporary and addresses the most pressing compliance topics. We offer a variety of course lengths and communication tools to learners engaged and inspired. Our battle-tested and proven learning management system provides the sophisticated program management and reporting tools today’s E&C officers need to demonstrate program activity and effectiveness to internal and external stakeholders.

» Promote Stronger Organizational Culture: NAVEX’s content is engaging and creative. Training employees on some of the most critical topics like Ethics and Code of Conduct and Workplace Harassment establish a valuable basis for the training program, which can grow with the organization.

» Comply with Evolving Laws and Regulations: NAVEX’s Compliance Training is backed by Littler Mendelson, the world’s largest labor and employment law firm, ensuring content has been legally vetted. With over 130 compliance training courses and bursts, content meets the diverse needs of organizations and changing laws and regulations. 

Feature Benefit

Award-winning courses

NAVEX’s course content engages employees with compelling stories, simulations, and interactive exercises drawn from actual cases and events. With a creative team based in Hollywood, NAVEX creates high quality digital video content that organizations are proud to share with their employees.

Backed by Littler Mendelson

NAVEX content is backed by a top tier law firm. Our internal subject matter experts work with Littler’s extensive knowledge and real world experience to create rock solid legal content that withstands intense courtroom scrutiny.

Burst Learning for Time-Pressed Employees

Our burst learning library addresses key topics in an award winning 5-8 minute training format. This allows learners to augment full course learning with shorter time commitments. Burst learning is perfect for time-strapped senior leaders.

Subject Matter on Critical Topics

Content is refreshed regularly and addresses market and client needs to provide content related to the most pressing litigation and compliance risks.

Robust Completion Tracking

Our learning management system is a stable learning environment that automates completion data in a usable way. Globally Optimized Courses are offered in multiple languages for organizations that need to train across the globe. This ensures employees worldwide have access to the same content.

Customizable Content

NAVEX’s courses can be customized to organizational needs. By allowing custom video content and company logos, learners feel like they are in a custom environment built specifically for their organization.

Mobile Ready

Courses can be accessed via tablet so learners can complete courseware on the device that works for them.


Regardless of your industry—highly regulated or not—NAVEX’s Compliance E&C training has proven to meet the needs of clients from a variety of industries.

» Healthcare: NAVEX offers courses specifically for the healthcare environment. Three courses are specifically designed for HIPAA compliance and a Wage & Hour course addresses the issues unique to the healthcare industry.

» Retail: Courses address specific issues in regards to wage and hour, harassment and discrimination. Content is consistent across all locations with specified content for managers and employees.

» Manufacturing: Topics covering discrimination, harassment, union awareness and wage and hour are directly applicable to the needs of a manufacturing firm.