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The 2024 State of Risk & Compliance report is coming June 25th!

The 2024 State of Risk & Compliance report is coming soon! Since 2010, NAVEX has collected and delivered cutting-edge market benchmark reports to the risk and compliance (R&C) field. This industry-leading report, produced with independent research firm The Harris Poll, incorporates survey responses from over 1,000 R&C professionals across the globe and reveals best practices and insights into risk and compliance for organizations in every geography, industry and size.

In a new area of focus, the 2023 R&C report highlighted the health of engagement between functional areas. Survey respondents noted strong engagement in the companies’ compliance program, as well as data privacy and risk. Not every signal was positive, however – as in years past, not every organization was said to have a whistleblower hotline. In addition, conflict persisted where leaders reported a focus on business objectives over a commitment to compliance.

So, what changes are featured in the 2024 report?

  • Respondents were asked to rate the quality of their relationship with other functional areas. It appears software sharing is associated with collaboration.
  • The questions around leadership’s commitment to compliance were refined to get more relevant data and storytelling. The results stress that from the highest level of leadership to front-line supervisors, a share of those surveyed said leaders in these various levels had set compliance aside in favor of other business outcomes. Leadership’s commitment to compliance is associated with positive markers for the organization’s program.
  • The study is focused on specific regions such as the U.S., the UK, France and Germany. Risk and compliance program priorities in these countries are subject to a range of regulatory differences that help drive differing priorities.

Throughout the upcoming report, many more points will be addressed and questions will be answered, such as:

  • Which functional areas are the most likely to comply with the regulations and which have room to improve?
  • How do leaders embrace risk and compliance programs?
  • Is there an opportunity to enhance compliance with national regulations?

Join the webinar

Excited for the report? The webinar is where the real magic happens. Join industry leaders as they bring the data to life, highlighting key points and explaining their broader significance. This session will dive deeper into the data, emerging trends in the landscape, and practical implications for your organization.

This interactive session is your chance to:

  • Unlock unique insights and interpretation: Industry experts will offer their analysis and real-world implications of the findings, plus practical action steps to address these trends in your organization.
  • Actionable strategies and benchmarks: The webinar translates report data into steps you can take to tackle challenges and take advantage of opportunities raised in the report. Plus, take advantage of your peers’ expertise and knowledge sharing.
  • Interactive learning and Q&A: This is your chance to ask questions, engage in discussions with your peers, and clarify any data points to gain a deeper understanding based on your specific needs and challenges.
  • Future-proof your program: Speakers will delve into emerging trends and equip you with the knowledge you need to adapt and thrive in this constantly evolving environment.

Don’t miss the chance to gain a competitive edge! Register for the free webinar today to confidently leverage this data and guide your organization towards compliance success.

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