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On September 29 and October 11, NAVEX will host the 11th annual NAVEX Next Virtual Conference – two days of content focused on E&C, ESG and integrated risk management. Each year, the agenda is crafted based on current events and trends and feedback from leaders in risk, compliance and ESG. We’re thrilled to share a sneak peek of the agenda!

Culture Transformed – September 29, 2022

Corporate Culture – Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and compliance are a foundation for organizational culture. Creating and fostering a culture centered on E&C begins with policy, code of conduct, training, and embracing a speak-up mentality that values and acts on employee feedback. When reading those components of a successful E&C program, these principles may seem like simple fundamentals – yet many organizations struggle to execute them consistently.

The sessions focused on corporate culture are designed to communicate the value of ethics and compliance programs and provide tools to mature E&C programs. They include:

  • Whistleblowing and Employee Reporting Trends – The Power of Risk Signal Data
  • Compliance Agility in an Uncertain Environment
  • Creating a Culture of Ethics, Compliance and Respect
  • Implementing an Anti-Retaliation Culture

In these sessions, thought leaders and experts in ethics and compliance will discuss many of the elements needed to create, foster and grow a healthy culture centered around E&C/

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is frequently in the headlines and increasingly becoming a top-of-mind discussion for compliance leaders, board members, investors, and the public. But with all the noise out there, figuring out where to start and staying abreast of developments in the space is challenging. More and more, organizations are realizing that ESG risks pose measurable and material risks to the business if not properly addressed; this includes financial, reputational and operational risks.

The sessions focused on corporate responsibility and sustainability include expert guidance on:

  • ESG in 2023 & Beyond
  • The New Era of Managing ESG Risk
  • What Compliance Needs to Know About ESG
  • Staying Ahead of ESG Disclosure Regulations

Risk Management & Data

Identifying and mitigating risks are challenges faced by leaders across any company – and difficult to do with an evolving threat landscape. Leaders in risk and compliance have many tools in their arsenal to address these issues, including developing best practices, benchmarking against their peers, and working cross-functionally to gain buy-in throughout the organization. The sessions focused on risk management and data will help shed light on best practices and offer success stories from organizations who have developed a mature program.

The sessions included in this track are:

  • Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management – a Lock-Step Partnership
  • The Future of Holistic TPRM – Trends and What to Watch for 2023
  • Speaking a Common Language of IT Risk & Compliance
  • Leveraging Integrated Risk Management for Operational Resilience

All of these sessions will air on September 29, 2022 – and since you’re not able to be in two places at once, recordings will be made available on demand so you don’t miss out!

Transformative Solutions – October 11, 2022

No matter the industry, all businesses rely on their software solutions providers to enhance capabilities of and protect the company. At NAVEX, our solutions are designed to be transformative for your business – to help establish a culture of ethics and compliance, manage risk internally and with third-party partners, and drive actionable insights. The October 11th sessions will help you explore how the NAVEX E&C, ESG and IRM products help you to get started, mature and optimize your programs.

Corporate Culture

Compliance programs have a wealth of data that provides valuable insight into the health of the organization. However, many organizations still have work to do to optimize how this data is being used to affect change. While “checking the box” may have worked in the past, regulatory requirements and increased scrutiny to compliance programs means organizations must prioritize their compliance efforts to meet the heightened expectations. Not only are E&C programs necessary to adhere to legal requirements, establishing a culture of ethics and compliance that values a speak up culture is more attractive to a more discerning and competitive workforce.

The sessions focused on corporate culture during our “Transformative Solutions” day will cover:

  • 5 Ways to Effectively Use E&C Program Information
  • Integrating Your Platform for a Holistic View of E&C
  • The Future of Compliance – Using Data to Optimize Your Program

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Getting started with ESG, creating and sharing trustworthy data, and streamlining processes so they’re repeatable is no easy feat. On top of the resource constraints and logistics of standing up an ESG program is the evolving regulatory and disclosure space. Many organizations are working to stay ahead of regulatory requirements related to ESG disclosure, anticipating this will soon be on the horizon. Others are waiting to see how the regulatory and disclosure environment shakes out in the coming months and years. The sessions focused on ESG for the transformative solutions day are designed to help organizations get started, communicate trustworthy data, and move towards automation for ESG programs.

Sessions focused on corporate responsibility and sustainability include:

  • 3 Actions and Outcomes to Create a Credible ESG Program: Collect, Consolidate, Communicate
  • Instill Trust and Drive Action with ESG Data
  • How to Automate Your GHG Calculations

Risk Management & Data

What risks are most pressing for your business, and how does your organization manage them? Balancing the various risks, including IT and third-party risk can be a challenge, especially if you’re using disparate systems. The sessions in the risk management and data track are designed to help organizations get started, establish scalable best practices, and develop a control-based foundation for risk management.

The risk management and data sessions include:

  • Get Started with Risk Management in 5 Steps
  • Your Risk Management Program Is in Place, Now What?
  • E&C and Risk Management Optimization Through Controls

What’s (NAVEX) Next?

In addition to these sessions, NAVEX is honored to announce two of our keynote speakers.

Cindy Parlow Cone, three time Olympian and the first-ever female president of U.S. Soccer, will kick off the conference. To close out the first day, we’ll be joined by Rashmi Airan, who will share her impactful personal story that speaks to the importance of ethical leadership and creating a culture of integrity and courage.

This year’s agenda is packed full of valuable insights, best practices, and industry-leading expertise in all things ethics, compliance, risk and ESG.

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