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Asian Pacific Heritage Month

We continue to be guided by our strategic intent, “Be Your Greatest Impact.” It is our mission to be a place where our team feels heard, supported, and empowered to grow their career with us. Having a workplace that celebrates the beauty of diversity allows the opportunity to elevate the many diverse voices of our team.

Reflecting on last year, members of our Asian and Pacific Islander Community group provided an educational opportunity to share essential parts of Asian history. We savored dishes from local restaurants, including KUBO, which proudly serves Filipino cuisine and shares cherished family recipes. Our team also contributed with homecooked traditional meals, adding to the vibrant array of flavors and cultures. The menu featured delights such as ChocoPie, Samosas, and Japchae. This month, we will continue to indulge in the delicacy of API cuisine and support API restaurants.

Kam’s story

My parents came to the UK in the early 1970’s with as little as £6 in their pockets to ensure that their future children could have a better life than themselves. My father had to remove his turban and trim his hair and beard as prejudice would have kept him out of work. Both my parents endured dreadful discrimination whilst they struggled to make a new home in the UK.  

I am a second-generation Sikh, which I refer to as the generation figuring things out as we are either too Asian or not Asian enough, I often feel like I am living two lives; on one side I am trying not to disregard my background and upbringing, but then also trying to fit into the society in which I live, which often presents its own host of issues." My parents not only brought culture into my life but important values, hard work, family unit, respect for others, help and to share with others.”       

NAVEX staff

NAVEX New Beginnings in Bangalore India

NAVEX staff
Bangalore India
NAVEX staff

New beginnings

In April, we expanded our global presence to the beautiful city of Bangalore in India through our event, NAVEX Rise. This allowed us to develop our learning, culture, and appreciation not only for the cultural appreciation, but the amazing people who will join us on this journey. After returning, Laura Huck, senior talent attraction specialist, shared that the experience was “magical, beautiful, humbling, eye-opening, and educational.”  
We’re excited to begin this new chapter and look forward to the opportunities and growth it will bring.    

Giving back

While education is a crucial component to understanding different perspectives and experiences of other cultures, volunteerism is how we internally connect with our communities.  Employees who have been with NAVEX for more than 90 days and are full-time employees may use up to sixteen hours or two days each calendar year to support a cause important to them.    

In the spirit of volunteerism, we are highlighting organizations doing impactful work within the Asian and Pacific Islander Community:

APANO – Unites Asians and Pacific Islanders to build power, develop leaders, and advance equity through organizing, advocacy, community development and cultural work.

Asian American Foundation for the Carolinas – promotes Asian Cultures and lifestyles and celebrates the Carolinas Asian American community.

Southeast and East Asian Centre (SEEAC) – a community organization for and by migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum from Southeast and East Asia and people of these heritages living in the UK.