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Featuring an array of new and refined metrics, the world’s premier hotline benchmarking event – NAVEX’s 2023 Hotline & Incident Management Report and webinar – goes live on March 28.

Each year, the NAVEX Hotline & Incident Management Benchmark report delivers a deep analysis of the world’s largest database of employee incident (whistleblowing) reports. This annual report is the recognized industry standard used by organizations around the globe to measure the performance of their own programs.

As author of this latest report, NAVEX Chief Risk and Compliance Officer Carrie Penman will join NAVEX Senior Data Scientist Anders Olson, and FedEx Staff Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer Justin Ross, to share insights from the latest research. Attendees will be given first access to download the 2023 report, which includes findings for how to use incident management data to measure, inform and improve their unique organization’s speak-up cultures.

Enhancements to this year’s report

This year’s report includes several enhancements to provide deeper analysis of trends within the 1.52 million reports collected in 2022. They include:

  • Showcasing of median, mean or frequency comparisons for some benchmark calculations, along with explanations and guidance for compliance leaders measuring their own program performance
  • Central 50% ranges for certain distributions, better illustrating the concentration of report data
  • Refined benchmark categories and issue types, the result of an extensive analysis by NAVEX’s compliance leadership and in-house data science team
  • Additional data points and ranges for some metrics
  • Additional decimal places for some metrics, providing deeper analysis
  • New organization-size ranges and analysis for some metrics, giving readers a better ability to compare their programs to peers
  • Same-day closures by issue type, a signal that could suggest referred cases that could still impact the organization
  • Refined calculation methodology for substantiation rate

This year’s report also includes special guidance for organizations seeking to standardize and organize their own issue type and benchmarking categories, a new gold standard for the industry.

Essential metrics return for 2023

In addition to an array of improvements and refinements, NAVEX’s 2023 report and webinar brings back metrics and analysis that remain critical for the industry. These include report volume per 100 employees, anonymous versus named reporting, case closure time, intake method trends and more. Detailed analysis by NAVEX experts provides insight into the meaning behind these metrics, investigating questions such as:

  • What is the mood of the modern workforce following 2021’s “Great Resignation?”
  • Does the mix of issue types in 2022’s incident data suggest a potential red flag?
  • How is the shift to remote work for some organizations impacting intake methods, and what should organizations do to ensure they are promoting a speak-up culture?
  • How are outlier cases impacting overall program performance?
  • What cases are most likely to be substantiated, and what lessons can organizations learn from like-sized peers?

This year, NAVEX is also providing improved general guidance for hotline data analysis and interpretation, empowering compliance leaders to make the best assessments of their programs.

Don’t miss out – webinar and report launch March 28, 2023.

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