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It’s safe to say that there could be a whole series dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the various use cases and ramifications of such groundbreaking technology. While there are ethical considerations, security concerns, and regulations that will certainly be put in place, one thing is clear: AI will, and already has, impacted the future of work.

AI has already had a big impact when used to enhance work by reducing time spent on repetitive tasks or searching for information. Employees are drawn to AI’s ability to automate tedious tasks allowing them to spend more time contributing strategic value. When properly applied, AI saves time and resources, and increases productivity all around – helping organizations become more efficient and consistent.

Within compliance more specifically, it is widely agreed that using AI language modeling to fully write a policy or code is not only unethical, but it also raises a host of security concerns. This weaves together several issues – AI’s fundamental ability to make teams more efficient and the open nature of AI interfaces like ChatGPT.

Solving for these challenges are purpose-built AI solutions that are designed to enhance the human work being done. Think drafting outlines, intelligently searching for information, and even automatically monitoring for changes in regulations that apply to your business – while doing so in a closed, protected system that secures organizational intellectual property. Many leading companies have already started embedding Large Language Modeling (LLM) into their programs and search tools, a move that is yielding exciting results.

That is where NAVEX sees the future of GRC management going – embracing digital transformation and AI in an ethical, secure manner to enhance employee experiences and bring vital information to their fingertips.

Digital transformation in GRC eliminates silos

While many organizations still rely heavily on spreadsheets and even binders as a basis for their compliance program, it is only through digital transformation that AI can be applied. Just as other parts of the business have transformed digitally, compliance must undergo a digital transformation in order to attain a holistic view of data – and leveraging AI is a natural progression of this process.

As NAVEX’s chief product officer, A.G. Lambert said in this year’s Top 10 Trends in Risk and Compliance, “Simply put, the vast array of data is far too complex for manual analysis and management. To do so via spreadsheets and emails will inevitably lead to something critical being overlooked. As an organization grows in employee count or to other geographies, this problem gets exponentially more complex.”

Those complexities can be better managed through a comprehensive GRC information system and enhanced further with Artificial Intelligence. When paired together, the possibilities are truly exciting and can better help organization’s ability to ingest vast amounts of data more efficiently and help employees access important information more readily.

Using AI to enhance employee experiences

Pairing Artificial Intelligence and employee experience together may seem incongruous at first pass. However, there are many ways AI enhances the way work is done and information is accessed.

For example, imagine incorporating AI search capabilities into policies and procedures, making them not only searchable, but intelligent. This would mean employees could ask questions and search for needed information in their terms, instead of using exact terms or keywords. Not only would that be easier for the employee, but it also increases the odds of successfully finding the information they’re searching for and can positively impact your organization’s culture of compliance.

The are also potential benefits for admins who will no longer have to pepper their policy documents with every keyword that a person might ever use to search for that policy. Instead, they can focus on writing the policy and let the AI do the work of serving up the right content to the user.

When properly executed, the AI-enabled search function only assesses information imported from the company’s policies and is not open to the entire internet. This could even go further to include a code of conduct and compliance training as searchable options for employees. The language modeling could also flag indicators for a potential incident report and helps employees easily submit a report.

NAVEX Compliance Assistant represents the first step in a future of AI-enabled governance, risk and compliance – enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and created to streamline employee experiences and save time.

The future of AI in the workplace

As purveyors of GRC management software, NAVEX is keeping a close eye on how to safely implement AI in the workplace and use this technology to enhance employee experiences. There is a lot to cover when it comes to AI, and we commit to responsibly sourcing information and sharing best practices so businesses can ethically and securely embrace this groundbreaking technology.

For more information about the NAVEX Compliance Assistant, check out our press release.

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