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Tackle PCI DSS Compliance with NAVEX One

Protecting employee and customer payment data is vital to your business. Follow best practices while reducing fraud and cybersecurity breaches using NAVEX One technology.

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What is PCI DSS compliance?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was introduced in December 2004. It is a set of protocols to minimize payment card fraud by enhancing security measures around cardholder information. It became mandatory for all merchants accepting credit cards and payment processing organizations to comply with this standard. PCI DSS is widely accepted to optimize the security of card transactions and protect cardholders’ personal information, preventing cybersecurity breaches and reducing fraud risk.

Managing cardholder information is no walk in the park...

Storing and transmitting data is tricky, leaving many businesses asking questions on how to manage it correctly. You may find yourself asking: 

  • What technology can we implement to safeguard sensitive payment card information and prevent unauthorized access within our systems and networks? 
  • How can we effectively train our employees and stakeholders to recognize and respond to potential security breaches or vulnerabilities in our payment card processing systems? 
  • What measures can we take to ensure our payment card data storage and transmission methods meet PCI DSS encryption and authentication requirements? 
  • How do we ensure our third-party service providers adhere to PCI DSS compliance standards and do not pose risks to the security of our payment card data? 
  • What policies and procedures should we establish to govern access controls, data retention and disposal practices in alignment with PCI DSS standards?
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Why PCI DSS compliance is important to your business

Protect customer data with secure payment processes

Following PCI DSS guidelines ensures the integrity and security of sensitive payment card information. This protects your customers’ data and shields your business from data breaches, fraud, and associated liabilities. It also helps prevent disruptions, financial losses, and reputational damage from security incidents.

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