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NIST CSF Compliance

What is NIST CSF?

NIST CSF is a risk-based cybersecurity framework used internationally to provide a common language and foundation for managing cybersecurity risk.

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Complying with NIST CSF

In 2013, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) added the Cybersecurity Framework, creating NIST CSF. The risk-based cybersecurity framework is now used internationally to provide a common language and foundation for managing cybersecurity risk. One of the main benefits of the voluntary framework is that it helps companies identify the gaps between their current and their desired levels of security, and guides the actions necessary to achieve it.

NIST CSF helps companies identify cybersecurity risks to systems, as well as assets, operations, and people. It helps companies build proactive defenses, detect events and threats as they happen, and create response plans. Finally, NIST CSF helps companies restore capabilities and services if and when a cybersecurity event occurs. Besides helping companies combat risk, the framework encourages communication among internal and external stakeholders. Addressing cybersecurity risk is everyone’s job.

What You Need

Identify Risks

Develop an enterprise understanding to manage cybersecurity risks.

Respond to Cybersecurity Events

Develop and implement a comprehensive response plan.

Protect Critical Services

Develop and implement relevant controls.

Recover from Cybersecurity Events

Develop a recovery plan to maintain resilience.

Detect Cybersecurity Events

Develop and implement processes to identify cybersecurity events.

Steps You Can Take for NIST CSF Compliance