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GRC Solutions by Program Maturity

An effective ethics and compliance programme is never complete. Instead, it should continuously evolve to consider the inevitable regulatory, organisational and external developments that will influence its status and future direction. It is also about more than just covering your bases or reducing liability. It needs to promote your organisations’ values and improve your workplace culture. Due to the unrelenting pace of such change, it’s likely technology will become increasingly important to your long-term success. Unifying your ethics and compliance programme within an automated, integrated solution will give you the opportunity to keep pace with new developments, improve effectiveness, and manage and mitigate your ethics and compliance risks.

Get a Snapshot of Your Program Maturity

Evaluating your organization’s ethics, risk, and compliance program provides insight into your program’s design and implementation and prioritizes areas of strength and improvement. Take our quick, free assessment to evaluate your current ethics, risk, and compliance efforts.

SMB Getting Started

In an ever-changing regulatory environment, ethics, risk, and compliance programmes continue to grow in importance for organisations. This is just as true for small and medium businesses as it is for large, multinational corporations as you are governed by similar if not the same compliance requirements and regulations.

Getting Started With ESG

ESG is now a critical, value-adding business strategy. But, cross-functional alignment, ESG data collection, and simplified disclosure remain as key challenges for companies just getting started with ESG initiatives. These resources will help you establish a credible and scalable ESG programme.

Getting Started with TPRM & ITRM

Integrated GRC software increases the productivity of your audit management process, including assessment, planning, scheduling, preparation, review, report generation and issue tracking.

Getting Started With Hotline & Incident Management

Employees need to know they can report in whatever way they feel most comfortable, without fear of retaliation. Our world-class ethics hotline and reporting programme offers professional intake specialists 24/7/365 with multiple language support.

Getting Started With COI

Gathering and tracking conflicts of interest (COI) and other disclosures is a key component of any risk and compliance programme. However, many organisations still rely on difficult-to-monitor options to distribute COI policies, track attestations, and manage disclosures.